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TBLC Global Newsletter • Volume 9 Issue 3

Tuesday, October 15, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Cassie Chinn
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In this newsletter


President's Message

TBLC President Michelle Farland

This is my first newsletter as president of the TBLC and I want to send a big thank you to all the members of the TBLC that help to keep our organization thriving! It’s the volunteers that help bring new ideas, begin new initiatives, and expand our reach to help train people on how to effectively use TBL. With the Fall semester in full swing, we are excited about the new initiatives underway for the TBLC! There are too many to name, so I will highlight a few.

The Research and Scholarship committee has started a webinar series related to educational research. The next webinar titled “Assessing Professional Behaviors in Pre-Clerkship Medical Students Using the “Team” in Team-Based Learning” is scheduled for November 6, 2019, please register if you are interested in getting involved in educational research!

The Membership committee has started a mentor program for new members to be connected with TBLC members who have been part of the organization for a while. This program will help you expand your TBL network quickly and I encourage all new members to volunteer to participate. I have personally grown significantly because of the people I have met in our organization and I want others to have the same positive experiences.To be matched with a new member, click here. If you would like to be matched with a mentor click here.

The Programming committee has been hard at work refreshing our annual conference (March 14-17, 2020)! This is the first time the TBLC will host the conference in Portland, Oregon (the city whose name was decided via coin toss…they must not have had IF-AT cards then!). Some key updates include 2-days of pre-conference workshops to allow participants to complete the certificate in the Knowledge of the Fundamentals of TBL. Additional options for pre-conference workshops include Research Development Day hosted by the Research and Scholarship Committee and a new Mentoring workshop “Digging Deeper into Different Types of Mentoring Relationships, How to Make Them Work for YOU" hosted by Jodi Takemoto and Chris Burns.

I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon!


TBLC Program Committee Updates

Sarah Lerchenfeldt, Chair, TBLC Program Committee


The Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC) invites all educators to attend our 19th annual conference on Team-Based Learning scheduled for March 14-17, 2020 at the Hilton Portland Downtown in Portland, Oregon, USA. “Diversity in Learning” will be the central theme for the conference, in which attendees will not only have the opportunity to learn more about the utilization of TBL but will also explore strategies to meet both diverse learners and diverse learning needs. 

Pre-conference workshops will be held on Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15. All five workshops for the TBLC Fundamentals Certificate will be offered during this time. The conference itself will begin on the evening of Sunday, March 15 with an opening plenary by Dr. Elizabeth L. Hillman, the President of Mills College in Oakland, California. Dr. Yves Labissiere, an associate professor at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, will also deliver a plenary session on the morning of March 16. Both speakers are sure to deliver stimulating and thought-provoking sessions.

New to the 2020 conference are expert panels and oral focus sessions. During the expert panels, conference attendees will have the opportunity to ask TBL experts for advice on the more challenging aspects of TBL. The oral focus sessions will be short presentations on innovations or applications of TBL that are not research-based in an effort to help bring creative innovations and new topics of growing interest to the annual meeting. The conference will also include interactive workshops, oral research presentations, and poster sessions. 
The 19th annual TBLC Conference will be a wonderful experience filled with engaging sessions and plenty of networking opportunities. Please make sure to visit the website at for more details. We hope to see you there!


TBLC - Asia Pacific Community

As part of our TBLC-APC Membership recognition efforts, we will be featuring one TBLC-APC member in each of the TBLC Newsletters.

For this issue, we would like to recognize Dr Foo Lean Heong, Associate Consultant in Restorative Dentistry at National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS). Dr Foo has recently joined the TBLC as an official member, and now sits in the Education Development committee for TBLC Asia Pacific Community. Her recent win in the SEAADE 30th Annual Scientific Meeting is testament to her dedication and commitment in advocating the use of TBL to improve the delivery and assessment of dental education in the future. 

TBL Happenings in the Asia Pacific







Sandy Cook

TBL 101

Beijing, China


Sandy Cook


Introduction to the MSE Journal and another on Basic Reviewing Tips.


IAMSE conference

AMEE 2019 conference





Annette Burgess from

Sidney Australia

1. Team-Based Learning (TBL) Replaces Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in Years 1 and 2 of a large Medical School

2. How to Introduce High Quality Team-Based Learning (TBL) into the Curriculum.

AMEE 2019 conference


Brian O’Dwyer from Singapore

1. Online Team-Based Learning Best Practice Development.


AMEE 2019 conference


Cherrie Ann Angon from


1. Team-Based Learning (TBL) to Facilitate the Shift towards 'Health Care as a Team Sport’.


AMEE 2019 conference


Celine Tan Ying Yi from


1. The Use of Team-Based Learning Pedagogy to Educate Radiographers in Axial Skeletal Image Interpretation.


AMEE 2019 conference


Sandy Cook from Singapore

1. Creating an Engaging Learning Environment using Team-Based Learning (TBL).


AMEE 2019 conference


Sandy Cook from Singapore

1. TBL 101

Singapore, to primary and secondary school teachers


Sandy Cook

Prof Robert Kamei

1. Online faculty development MCQs

Singapore, Duke-NUS Medical School


TBL Scholarly Efforts from the Asia Pacific

  •  At the South East Asia Association for Dental Education (SEAADE) 30th Annual Scientific Meeting, Dr Foo Lean Heong from the National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) presented an oral presentation on Team-Based Learning Workshop on New Classification of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases and Conditions 2017 and won second prize.
  • At the AMEE 2019 Conference:
  1. Siriporn Jeamwongsa from Ratchabury Hospital, Thailand, presented a poster on Learning Outcome In Radiology After Integrated TBL And Interactive Lectures For Fourth Year Medical Students.
  2. Noosara Klumsombut from Ratchaburi Hospital Medical Education Center, Thailand, presented a poster on Combination Of Game-Based Learning and Team-Based Learning For Improving Medical Knowledge and Self-Confidence in Patient Management.
  3. Napat Chatteeraphat, Faculty of Medicine from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, presented a poster on the Evaluation of Team-Based Learning in Respiratory System II Course in Two Academic Years.
  4. Sunee Neesanun from the Department of Internal Medicine, Sawanpracharuk Hospital, Thailand presented a poster on How the Implementation of Team-Based Learning into Introductory Session Regarding Transition into Clinical Year Influences Medical Students’ Confidence In Adapting To Clinical Year.
  5. Thitima Suntharasaj from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand presented a poster on Team-based learning in Inter-Professional Education (IPE) for Patient Safety Course.

European TBLC Community


Joy Erich Chair of the European division

Welcome to Joy Erich, recently elected chair of the ETBLC! Learn more about training opportunities offered by members of the ETBLC. They kicked the summer off with 4 workshops (2 advanced and 2 beginners) at the Conference in Dundee end of June. They also met face to face for their annual meeting. It was the last meeting with Simon Twedell as chair and he was thanked for all he has done to pave the path in Europe.

  • Eight TBL 101 workshops in England, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Several advanced workshops for TBL enthusiasts
  • We did some serious coaching in Belgium and reviewed all the applications for the 4th year of the bachelor in nursing
  • Oscar has now 60 teachers that use TBL in the 21 Catholic schools he coordinates


Horizons in HE STEM

TBL workshop




Workshop and Talk


Napier (Edinburgh)

coaching on implementation

advice and staff development with TBL 101


Leiden University:

TBL SIG meeting NVMO members

leassons learned in TBL

Joy, Fanny, Jacqueline


2 day workshops

advanced workshops


Madrid, Spain

2 day workshops

TBL 101 & next level


Madrid Spain


teaching staff members

TBL 101 workshop


UMCG: University Medical Center Groningen

teaching staff members

TBL 101 workshop


UMCG: University Medical Center Groningen


coaching on implementation

TBL 101 & reviewing their applications


Gent Hogeschool, Belgium

teaching staff members


Joy & Fanny



TBLC New Members

We want to welcome the 112 new members who have joined the TBLC from May to October 1st. Learn more about where our members are from (hint: all over the globe!)

We have a diverse group of teachers and administrators from a wide variety of fields and specialties with degrees in a variety of specialties (economics, exercise science, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and naturopathic medicine). We have members from around the globe: Canada, North America (U.S., Iceland) Central and Caribbean and South America (Grenada, Barbados, Barbuda, Antiqua, Brazil) Europe (Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Italy, Turkey), Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, China, Qatar), Middle East (Saudi Arabia) and Australia.

Our new members are a terrific resource for learning about TBL, sharing new ideas, and collaborating on research.

Neil Haycocks - Las Vegas, NV, US
Amanda Chase - FL, US
Andon Placzek - FL, US
Kyle Bauckman - FL, US
Maria Padilla - FL, US
Juan Paniagua-Arroyave - Medellin, Colombia
Stephen Sowell - Frisco, TX, US
Delphia Shanks - Conway, AR, US
Elizabeth Gray - FL, US
Walt Klimecki - Tucson, AZ, US
Alex Bannigan - UNSW, Kensington, NSW, Australia
Khiet Ngo - Loma Linda, CA, US
Linda Gwinn - St Louis, MO, US
Neal Weber - Glen Carbon, IL, US
Lynda Morrison - St. Louis, MO, US
Mirela Feurdean - Newark, NJ, US
Debra Schindler - St. Louis, MO, US
Angie Eaton - Queens, NY, US
Ranga Venkatachary - Burnaby, BC, Canada
Simon Whitby - Bradford, WRY, UK
Ellen Harrington - Mobile, AL, US
Portia Lewis - Winter Haven, FL, US
Snehal Mehta - St. Michael, Barbados
Tressa Pedroff - Tampa, FL, US
Iyke Ikegwuonu - Glasgow, CEN, UK
Miguel Chiusano - Dallas, TX, US
Pauric (Patrick) O'Rourke - Limerick, LK, Ireland
Geoffrey Goodfellow - Chicago, IL, US
Sayed Aiden Saeed Gilani - Glasgow, LKS, UK
Valerie Rakes - SALISBURY, NC, US
Gloria Ramos - Glendora, CA, US
Sheona Thomson - Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Erin Whitteck - St. Louis, MO, US
Li Li - Singapore
Stephanie Olson - Winnipeg, MB, Canada
John Kirchgessner - ROCHESTER, NY, US
Ariel Cascio - Mt. Pleasant, MI, US
Emily Bartz - Tucson, AZ, US
Lisa Jackson - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Shelley Marchinko - Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Jennifer Courtney - Elk Grove, CA, US
John Baxter - Bradford, YKS, UK
Iskra Stamenkoska Skopje - Macedonia
Sharon Dial - Tucson, AZ, US
Darla McCarthy - Kansas City, MO, US
Dean Cloward - Rexburg, ID, US
Tobias Boerboom - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jennifer Billings - University, MS, US
Mike Sciarini - Allendale, MI, US
Craig Cambridge - Guatemala, Guatemala
Garvin Blair - Waterloo, ON, Canada
Jacob Thomas - Ephraim, UT, US
James Windelborn - Chestertown, MD, US
Nicholas Bocchi Ribeiro - Preto, Brazil
Jeff Goad - Irvine, CA, US
Edward Wojcik - New Orleans, LA, US
Katherine Hertlein - Las Vegas, NV, US
Alicia Sellon - Wilmington, NC, US
Vic Holmes - Fort Worth, TX, US
Cynthia LaBrake - Austin, TX, US
Robert Irwin - Miami, FL, US
Ian Curran - Singapore
Richard McCabe - Mount Pleasant, MI, US
Irina Povarenkina Nizhny - Novgorod, Russia
Melanie Meeker - Searcy, AR, US
Caroline Kulesza - Durango, CO, US
Halcyon Quinn     
David Mullins - Hanover, NH, US
Ella Kirk - Hiram, OH, US
Joan St. Onge - Miami, FL, US
Micki Spiller - Brooklyn, NY, US
Irene Lee Cheng Jie - US
David Snow - Maywood, IL, US
Nick Shepard - Sacramento, CA, US
Michelle Greene - Lewiston, ME, US
Warren McIntosh - Louisville, KY, US
DVM Program - Tucson, AZ, US
Emily Gable Robinson - Akron, OH, US
Laura Welke - MIRAMAR, FL, US
Craig Davis - Athens, OH, US
Nicole Derks - NIjmegen, Netherlands
Rhiannon Mayne - Fort Worth, TX, US
Daniel Rogstad - Loma Linda, CA, US
Mary Madill - Searcy, AR, US
Anita Killins - Searcy, AR, US
Jennifer Fisher - Searcy, AR, US
Leslie Mount - Searcy, AR, US
Alice Henton - Searcy, AR, US
Linda Roossien - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Karline Timmermans - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Stefano Regnani Reggio - Emilia, Italy
Robert Ojiambo - Burera, Rwanda
Chiara Strozzi - Modena, Italy
Renata Battini - Modena, Italy
Tiffany Cohen - Allendale, NJ, US
Julie Considine - Burwood, VIC, Australia
Tindara Addabbo - Modena, Italy
LI Yuen Wah - Kowloon, Hong Kong
Gerard Spaai - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Michael Mathis - Fort Worth, TX, US
Shreya Verma - Singapore
Daniel Moreno - Tucson, AZ, US
Lisa Strishock - Oro Valley, AZ, US
Sibusisiwel Khumalo - Manor Gardens, South Africa
Lydia Ray - Columbus, GA, US
Mathias Lichtenheld - Miami, FL, US
Catherine O'Donoghue - Athlone, WH, Ireland
Leslie Coward - Houston, TX, US
Lisa Hodge - Fort Worth, TX, US
Jody Gonzalez - Loma Linda, CA, US
Laurie Schroder - Johnson City, TN, US 


TBLC Members in the News

Kim Baraona: On September 26, 2019, I was awarded the faculty innovation award for the successful integration of team-based learning in an online environment at Frontier Nursing University.


TBL Tip: Virtual Reality and TBL™

Written by Jodi Takemoto, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Texas at Tyler

Online distance education provides a mode of learning that is more flexible and easier to access than traditional classroom-based instruction for many learners. The popularity of online education is reflected in the increased enrollment in online courses over the past decade (Seaman JE, Allen IE, Seaman J. Grade Increase: Tracking Distance Education in the United States. Babson Survey Research Group; 2018). While online classes offer flexibility and better access to education, this format makes team-based learning (TBL™) challenging. Resources to help instructors implement TBL™ in an online setting are available (e.g. InteDashboard™) but the lively interaction of team discussion may be somewhat limited when it takes place in forums or video conferences. Virtual reality (VR) is a relatively new technology that can enable distance interactions that feel like they are face-to-face.  This has the potential to enable students to experience TBL™, or elements of TBL™ as if they were taking a classroom-based course.

To get started with VR, a VR headset is required. VR headsets come with a range of capabilities and costs. At the lowest price-point ($5-$10), headsets are capable of providing a 360⁰ view of a virtual world with limited interaction. At the other end of the spectrum ($400+), high end headsets provide a fully interactive and immersive virtual world. Software that allows social interaction varies depending on the type of headset in use. For headsets that work with a computer, there are many options available where students can meet with their team. SteamVR home is a natural environment for students to meet if they are using one of the Steam-supported headsets (HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift) (;;; 

Up to four students can meet in SteamVR home at a time. Altspace is an alternative to SteamVR home that is available to more headsets and also has a 2D mode that can function through a regular computer screen ( This may be a useful option to enable instructors to begin to integrate some elements of VR into TBL™. For a more education-centric platform, EngageVR, provides a classroom-style virtual environment that even includes the option to integrate quizzes ( The company behind EngageVR also plans to enable its software to be accessible for all VR headsets and have a 2D mode. 

The cost differential of VR headsets makes the integration of VR into online TBL™ courses complex; low cost headsets will be accessible to more students but more expensive headsets will provide a better experience. Software that enables all types of VR headset and also has a 2D option may be the best approach for instructors to begin integrating VR without an expensive commitment.



Robert Estes, Chair, TBLC Website Committee

Idea Box
Do you have comments or suggestions for the TBLC? Are there specific content or resources that you feel would enhance the collaborative? The Idea Box, located under the “Members Resources” tab of the website, is a great tool for submitting ideas to the TBLC! The Idea Box is a great place to provide general feedback to the collaborative and is a great place to offer ideas for the growth and development of the TBLC. You can ask questions, submit new ideas, and respond to or vote for ideas submitted by other collaborative members. The Idea Box is a great way to gauge interest from fellow TBLC members.

TBLC Member Community Forums
TBLC Member Community Forums are live! You can access the forums by clicking the “Member Community Forum” link under the “Member Resources” tab on the member’s website homepage. Once on the Community Forum page, you can click the “Join Now” link to join the forums if you haven't already joined the member forum. Once you click "Join Group" the website will prompt you to accept the join. Click “yes” and you’re in! Once you join the group, take a look at the different forums of discussion that have been set up by clicking on “View All Forums”. Once you’ve joined the forums, you’ll be able to start discussions, ask questions, and network with fellow TBLC Members! You can subscribe to specific threads within the forum to receive e-mail updates regarding your topics of interest.


View from the Classroom: A Testimonial from Samantha Piel

My name is Samantha Piel and I am currently a senior at New Mexico State University (NMSU). Upon completion of the next two semesters, I aim to earn my bachelor degree in the field of Psychology. I am here to discuss the Team-Based Learning curriculum (or TBL) and the direct impact this method has had on my education. In the spring of 2019, I enrolled in the experimental methods course- PSY 310. The course was taught from 9:00-10:15 a.m. on Monday and Wednesday, with a corresponding lab on Friday from 9:50-11:30 a.m. Rather than following the traditional lecture style, the class utilized the TBL method.

Without sugarcoating it, my initial reaction was fear/horror that someone who wasn’t me would now impact my GPA. Team-based learning implied team based grading, through group activities and collaboration. I expected the class might be a ruin due to circumstances that felt beyond my control. I also feared the prospect of having to drop the course if someone in my group could not put in the work. Little did I know how wrong that first impression had been. The TBL style helped me tremendously in not only becoming interested but also in retaining the information that was provided. If a member of the group was not cooperative, the instructor offered member evaluations that ensured fair scoring. My particular group members proved to be valuable resources that not only assisted me but also motivated me to put my best foot forward. If there was a concept that was difficult to grasp or instruction that was not immediately understood, the members worked to reduce stress by reminding one another that no challenge would be faced alone. I strongly believe the classroom experience of TBL will translate well in a professional environment or lab setting. TBL not only grants the fulfillment of working hard towards an individualistic purpose but also grants the fulfillment of working hard towards a collaborated goal.


TBLC Research Webinars

Join the conversation about educational research, as it relates to TBL! Our new TBL Research Webinars offer an inside look at the novel research being conducted by scholars within the TBLC community. Dr. Peter Balan kicked off the series with “Getting research ideas with the aim of publication” and was followed by Dr. Kristin Janke with “Dissecting a TBL Research Project and Identifying Strategies for Success.” Most recently, Drs. Ruth Levine, Dawnelle Schatte and Lindsey Pershern presented “Collaborating Effectively to Create a Multi-institutional TBL Curriculum.” Monthly guest speakers are well versed in the field of TBL, all having either published articles on the topic, been awarded a TBLC Best Paper of Best Poster award, of who have been granted funding from the TBLC. The series hopes to provide members with a chance to gain insight regarding research methods and engaging with other successful scholars.
You can view Dr. Balan’s webinar here, Dr. Janke’s webinar here and the recording of the latest webinar with Drs. Levine, Schatte and Pershern here. Watch out for emails promoting future webinars! If you would like to offer a webinar, please contact the organizer, Dr Luma Munjy (


Want to Contribute to the Collaborative?

We welcome contributions from the TBL Collaborative (TBLC) membership that address one of two broad areas:

1) Innovative ideas that have been applied to TBL, and

2) Reviews of TBLC resources to members on the website.

Learn more here.


What's New With You?

Is your membership profile up-to-date? Please consider updating your member bio, email address, institution, area of emphasis, recent research projects and more at the members-only website.

Update your member profile here


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Michele ClarkMembership Committee Chair
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